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What does Cloud Services mean?

Cloud services refer to a wide range of services and solutions that are delivered over the internet and accessible from remote servers. These services can include storage, computing, and software applications. The main advantage of cloud services is that they allow organizations and individuals to access and use IT resources on an as-needed basis, without having to invest in expensive hardware and software. Instead, users pay for the cloud services they use, typically on a subscription basis. This flexible and scalable model offers many benefits, such as increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved mobility. With the growth of cloud technology, cloud services have become a popular and essential component of modern IT strategies.

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SmarterMail Server

SmarterMail Server

SmarterMail is a full-featured email, group chat and team collaboration server that is the perfect alternative to Microsoft Exchange. We provide installation, maintenance and continuous monitoring of SmarterMail servers. As SmarterMail server specialists, we also build, install and provide ongoing maintenance of high performance, load balancing systems.

Overview of our basic services

  • Installation of SmarterMail servers

  • Maintenance of SmarterMail servers

  • Monitoring of SmarterMail servers

  • Management of SmarterMail servers

SmarterTrack Server

SmarterTrack Server

SmarterTrack is an enterprise-ready Help Desk Software. Since the first release of SmarterTools software, we have been working on these systems and SmarterTrack in particular. The systems we operate and maintain demonstrate our competence in this specific field with outstanding availability. We also offer a wide range of SmarterTools products with customized solutions and rental servers.

Our standard administration services

  • Installation of SmarterTrack servers

  • Maintenance of SmarterTrack servers

  • Monitoring of SmarterTrack servers

  • Management of SmarterTrack servers

3CX Communications System

3CX Communications System

3CX is a cloud-based business telephone system that is a software-based PBX based on the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) standard. It enables PBXs to make calls over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. With extensive experience, we offer our services either as a client-server or as a rental server solution. Continuous monitoring and SmarterTrack integration are also possible.

Core services we provide

  • Installation of 3CX servers

  • Maintenance of 3CX servers

  • Monitoring of 3CX servers

  • Management of 3CX servers

NextCloud Server

NextCloud Server

NextCloud is a client-server software suite, an enterprise-ready solution with comprehensive support options for creating and using file storage services. NextCloud is functionally similar to Dropbox, Office 365 or Google Drive. It scales up to full-scale data centre solutions supporting millions of users. We provide full installation and maintenance as well as hardware (leased server) support.

We provide the following services

  • Installation of NextCloud servers

  • Maintenance of NextCloud servers

  • Monitoring of NextCloud servers

  • Management of NextCloud servers

FileCloud Server

FileCloud Server

FileCloud is a secure enterprise content management platform that offers file storage and collaboration solutions. It is an enterprise-class file store that provides team folders, synchronization, secure sharing and collaboration. In addition, you can share large files externally with customers and suppliers.

Our fundamental services

  • Installation of FileCloud servers

  • Maintenance of FileCloud servers

  • Monitoring of FileCloud servers

  • Management of FileCloud servers

OwnCloud Server

OwnCloud Server

OwnCloud is a suite of client–server software for creating and using file hosting services. OwnCloud functionally has similarities to the widely used Dropbox. OwnCloud supports extensions that allow it to work like Google Drive, including online office suite document editing, calendar and contact synchronization.

Our main administration services

  • Installation of OwnCloud servers

  • Maintenance of OwnCloud servers

  • Monitoring of OwnCloud servers

  • Management of OwnCloud servers

TrueConf Video Conference Server

TrueConf Video Conference Server

TrueConf Server is a cutting-edge video conferencing software. Since the beginning of COVID-19, conference and meeting solutions have played a key role not only in business, but also in everyday life. TrueConf has helped more than 100,000 companies facilitate remote working during the global lockdown.

Conference & meeting services

  • Installation of TrueConf Conference servers

  • Maintenance of TrueConf Conference servers

  • Monitoring of TrueConf Conference servers

  • Management of TrueConf Conference servers

Wowza Streaming Server

Wowza Streaming Server

Wowza is a live video streaming platform with industry-leading technology delivering broadcast-quality live streaming to any sized audience on any device. In recent years, the popularity of streaming services has been growing steadily, independently of COVID-19. With the proliferation of Streaming Platforms, it has become clear that streaming solutions will also play an important role in the business world.

Our streaming services

  • Installation of Wowza Streaming servers

  • Maintenance of Wowza Streaming servers

  • Monitoring of Wowza Streaming servers

  • Management of Wowza Streaming servers