System Administration

Managing server operating systems and software is no simple task. We know the world of server services, so leave the dirty work to us. Which ever server technology you need, trust our expertise, we can handle it. Our leading system administration services.

What does System Administration mean?

System administration is the process of managing and maintaining the performance, security, and reliability of computer systems and networks. It involves tasks such as installing, configuring, and upgrading software and hardware, monitoring system performance, maintaining security and data backup, and resolving technical issues. System administrators are responsible for ensuring that the computer systems and networks they manage are available, secure, and performing optimally. With the increasing reliance on technology in businesses and organizations, the role of system administrators has become increasingly important in ensuring the smooth operation of IT infrastructure.

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Enterprise Solutions

We deliver IT solutions that work in enterprise environments as well with security in mind.

Optimal Choice

With 20 years of professional experience behind us, we can be the optimal IT partner for your business.

Finest Quality

We always endeavor to achieve the highest quality with excellent IT experience and expertise.

24/7 Support

We are on hand to help you with your problems. With a good IT support, you can focus on your business.

Management of Servers

Management of Servers

We take care of the day-to-day running of your servers, ensuring they run smoothly and efficiently.

Our basic services

  • Installation of Windows and Linux servers

  • Management of Windows and Linux servers

  • Monitoring Windows and Linux servers

  • Security management of Windows and Linux servers

Streaming & Meeting Solutions

Streaming & Meeting Solutions

We offer outstanding streaming and meeting solutions that enable smooth and seamless communication and collaboration.

Our main services

  • Business Conference & Meeting Solutions

  • Business Streaming Solutions

  • Business Conference & Meeting Server

  • Business Streaming Server

NAS Management and Solutions

NAS Management and Solutions

We offer network attached storage (NAS) management and solutions, providing businesses with efficient and secure storage options.

Core services

  • Installation of NAS servers

  • Management of NAS servers

  • Monitoring NAS servers

  • Security management of NAS servers

Cloud Services and Management

Cloud Services and Management

We help your business get the most out of cloud services by managing and supporting cloud solutions.

Overview of the basic concepts

  • Implementing enterprise cloud services

  • Maintaining enterprise cloud services

  • Monitoring enterprise cloud services

  • Managing enterprise cloud services

Business & Enterprise Services

Business & Enterprise Services

We offer a wide range of business and enterprise-level services, including support for Exchange Web Services (EWS) and Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), as well as professional email, calendar and contact synchronization.

Overview of essential services

  • Building and monitoring a complete IT Infrastructure

  • Building and managing Enterprise Servers

  • Building and managing Internal Networks

  • Building and managing Business Communication Systems

Proxy & Load Balancing Solutions

Proxy & Load Balancing Solutions

We also offer proxy and load balancing solutions to ensure optimal performance and availability for your business.

Main features overview

  • Setting up and managing Proxy Servers

  • Automation and Synchronization between Servers

  • Server Clustering, Load Balancing

  • VPS, Docker and other Virtualization technologies